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The world of gifts is an amazing one and we’re one of the best e-gift stores to delight your loved ones. Send flowers and greeting cards using our services and create the day of your special ones values a memory.

We’ve got occasion specific flowers and greeting cards to indicate your celebration with fashion.

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Warm, cute & funny wishes to make your friends/ loved ones feel special!

Wish ur friends/ family/ near and dear ones a Happy Winter with this cute ecard.

Bright sunflowers, lovely roses & poetry to make your friend’s/ near one’s day extra special!

Write your own message and send these beautiful flowers to convey your wishes.

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Shopping Secrets – The Tricks Shops Use

Shopping Secrets – The Tricks Shops Use

Shopping Insider Secrets …

The purpose of a shop is to earn profits and while there’s nothing wrong with that, it is our job to keep money in our pockets. To help redress the balance, here are some things that shops don’t want you knowing – many are actually insider secrets divulged by those that work in shops.

Whether it is hidden codes on price tags that reveal whether items will shortly be on sale, abandoning shopping carts to receive discounts, or even using online help chats for haggling, ways to save are often hidden.

woman with shopping bags

Decipher hidden discount codes on price tags at Next and more …

Store tags can be a hidden treasure trove of information. When preparing for sales, shop staff usually scribble letters, numbers, or even dots on price tags. If you spot such mysterious markings on a full-price item you wish to purchase, you should consider holding off since they usually mean that the price is about to be reduced.

You will often find this system being used widely at next, but Money Savers and retail insiders say that others also do the same. Here are a few things to look for and how to make sense of the notes of shop workers and get a head-start prior to the start of the sales.

How to decode them …

B14, S13, OB9, P7, and G4 are some of the typical Next codes. Ignore the letters that seem to relate to where sale items are to be found in the store and you are left with a number, which is generally the price the item is going down to. So, while you cannot guarantee a bargain by inspecting the tags since items can easily sell out while waiting for the sale to start officially, you can pay half as much if you wait a few days.

Shopping Cart

Abandon online shopping carts to tease stores into giving you a discount code …

Fail to finish your order online and stores will usually send you discount codes to tempt you back. Here is how you can try it.

Step 1. Sign up for an account or sign in to your already existing account. Otherwise, the store cannot tell who you are.

Step 2. Add an item to your shopping cart. Higher value items usually work better for a larger discount. However, there is always the risk of the store sending you a $25 off $100 code when you are only ready to spend $50.

Step 3. Leave the store. Close the window and then get on with other things.

Step 4. Check your email. You might find an offer or code that lands in your inbox the next day or so. However, there are never any guarantees of this happening.

Step 5. Log back in and use the code provided. However, don’t forget to check the cart first. Ensure that you remove all unwanted items before you check out.

Find the best day to get deals …

If you have found something that you wish to buy online but are unable to find a discount code, worry not. Try waiting until Tuesday or Wednesday and then check the Discount Vouchers page once more. The deals team has crunched over 50 vouchers’ terms to find the most common day deals start. Wednesday was the most popular day with 13 deals launched, followed closely by Tuesday at 12 deals. In fact, 50 percent of them started working on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Monday was the third most popular day.

Best deal logo

Returning Goods? Shops often override the need for producing the receipt …

First up, it is worth noting that if you purchase faulty items, you are only required to prove that you bought them to get your refund. The evidence could be in the form a receipt, but other legitimate records such as a bank statement can be used too. Otherwise, if you have no legal right but are using the store’s returns policy, you will be required to produce the receipt. However, if you lose yours, you shouldn’t despair since an insider says that shop staff usually have the discretion and ability to override the need for a receipt. So, bring your credit card statement instead, give one of your best smiles and you just might get lucky.
Tips for Buying Flowers for Women

Tips for Buying Flowers for Women

Let Them Know That You Really Care

If you can learn how to buy flowers for women, it will help to ensure that they hold you in high regard and let them know that you really care. So, whether the woman is your daughter, mother, girlfriend, wife, or someone you want to know better, if you know how to purchase flowers for women it can help you match every occasion with a bouquet or floral arrangement that is sure to impress!


Tip 1: Know the Best Time to Send Flowers

Don’t forget to send flowers on traditional holidays like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. Of course, you could just give a card or buy a more expensive gift, however, flowers are appropriate for any holiday.

Don’t wait until the very last minute to purchase high volumes of flowers on days whenever everybody else is buying them. If you do you will discover that the quality of the flowers might be reduced, only a limited selection will likely be available and the cost will be through the roof!

You can easily mark all important life events like celebrating a new job, a graduation, birth of a child, anniversaries, and birthdays with floral gifts.

When a colleague helps you on a project, say thank you with flowers. Make sure that the flowers that you send to co-workers and friends do not convey any romantic messages. Keep them friendly and cheerful. For example, instead of red roses, send a nice bouquet of daisies.

Flowers can help you say things you might find hard to put into words and help to smooth things over if that’s what needed. They also can help make it easier to have a reconciliation. However, don’t think that sending flowers will mean she will automatically forgive you!

Tip 2: Select the Right Flowers

 For romance, buy roses. Roses, and in particular red roses, represent romance and passion.

If giving your woman red roses has turned into an expected tradition for your relationship, then you may want to occasionally change things up by giving a different color of rose, like coral or orange, or mix a different flower into your bouquet. Think about mixing in asters or tulips with roses. For more ideas, consult with a florist. 

Learn what are represented by different colors to make sure that you are sending the proper message.

Purple represents love at first sight, while orange symbolizes desire, and yellow conveys friendship. Pink blossoms show admiration and gratitude and are an excellent choice to send your favorite aunt or your mother.

If you are not sure what you would like to say, then give a mixed color floral bouquet. The feeling that is expressed is still subtle and mixed colors are also cheerful and bright. 

Instead of giving cut flowers consider a potted plant instead. Some women like plants better since they last a lot longer and offer a constant reminder of the occasion or relationship. Blooming varieties, like orchids, will last a very long time and will remind her that she is special each time she looks over at the plant that you have given her.

Tip 3: Decide Where to Purchase Flowers


For the best selection and broader choices of the highest quality flowers, visit a florist shop. A trained professional can help you make an informed decision. 

Flowers are delivered by florists as well. Receiving a nice delivery of flowers makes it more of an occasion, especially when received in a public setting like her office. She will enjoy all the excitement that comes with a flower delivery for both her and her co-workers and being able to smell the flowers also. 

Grab a plant or bouquet from a sidewalk shop or local grocery store. Hotel or hospital gift shops offer flowers as well.

These are very convenient places, but the quality of their flowers might be compromised.

The flowers are often past their prime and won’t last as long.

Some grocery stores have a great quality of flowers when they have an ongoing agreement with a supplier. Those flowers will be less expensive to buy than the ones from a florist. Of course, you will need to deliver the flowers yourself.

Purchase flowers online. Numerous florists have websites that make it easy to order flowers from home. Most have a wide range of choices for all occasions. However, be aware that sometimes substitutions are made when you order is being filled and the results might not match what you saw in the picture. Make sure to only order from a reputable business.

Tip 4: Personalize Your Gift  

Give or send flowers at unexpected times. Whether you get a gift of flowers for no reason or to make a special occasion they are both appreciated. That shows that you are thoughtful and generous, and she is very special.

Reflect who she truly is by the type of flowers that you choose. Select flowers that are her favorite color. Send her favorite kind of flower; maybe she likes daisies instead of roses. Or evoke a special memory by giving a gift: a vase full of baby rosebuds that reminds her of when she was a child, with her mother caring for a rose garden.

Consult with your florist regarding her personality.

For example, the flowers that you select for a sophisticated woman who lives in the city may be different from those you choose for a woman who loves to hike and camp.

Write something special to her on the card. Your card will last a lot longer than the flowers will but always will remind her of your special gift. 

For an added touch if you are delivering the flowers yourself, you might consider wearing the same colors as the flowers you are giving.


Tip 5: Know When You Should Not Send Flowers

Realize that you cannot save your relationship by just sending flowers. You might seem desperate. Don’t send flowers just to impress someone. It might seem like a meaningless gesture.

And finally … Be sure that the woman you are sending flowers to isn’t allergic to them!!

Everything You Need To Know To Shop for or Grow Bamboo

Everything You Need To Know To Shop for or Grow Bamboo

Bamboo Plants

Bamboo is the go-to plant for green-fingered people, this is particularly the case when creating a garden area that you want to have a tropical feel. Its spectacular appearance makes it a great choice as a specimen plant, as well as to provide an appealing screen or to add something of interest to borders.


If you want to have bamboo in your garden you need to learn a few vital tips and tricks, don’t worry they are pretty easy to learn.

1. First Up, What Is Bamboo?

Bamboo comes from the grass family (we also call this Poaceae). Species are native to different countries, however, they are not native to Europe, most come from Central America, South America, and China, as well as Japan. Bamboo was originally found in lowland plains and mountain areas of Asia, often where the temperature went to a low -30 degrees Celsius. This is one of the reasons why Bamboo is a hardy plant, making it ideal for the climates of Europe and North America.

Beside from the generic species, a variety of tropical species also exist, these are native to Australia, Africa and parts of Asia which have a tropical climate. For these species to survive in home gardens they will need a frost free climate. If they are grown in the right environment they will often become among the most stunning species to be found in the world.

2. What Makes Up The Main Different In Types Of Bamboo?

The main difference in bamboo types boils down to the root system of the plant. Home gardeners need to take this into account, in particular, if they want to opt for a species which is best-suited to the environment that they have.

Nearly all bamboos will have a running root system (leptomorph system) or they will have a clumping system (pachymorph system). Which one the bamboo has is related to the botany of the plant.

All bamboo systems will have rhizomes and roots – rhizomes is the term for the underground stems with nodes, this is where the new shoot will grow from. Clumping roots or running roots will develop depending on how much space is between the nodes on the rhizone (this is referred to as the inter-nodes). Shorter inter-nodes will mean clumping forms and closer stems, while running forms have longer inter-nodes.

When picking a bamboo plant for your garden it is best to opt for the version which will best suit the space you have available. If space is a problem the growth of the plant can be adjusted, particularly if you feed them only a little post planting.

3. What Are The Best Growth Conditions For A Bamboo Plant?

Depending on which species you opt for, the degree of the sun or shade, which your pant needs will vary. Some species can get by well with cooler climates while other needs a warmer climate. This is why you must do plenty of research on the type of bamboo plant you should choose.

As well as this, there are a few common features to every bamboo plant and this also includes the hardy choices. This makes them easy to maintain. They are also able to get by well with a level of neglect. When you first plant bamboos you don’t need to give much thought to the soil as bamboos tend to do very well in different soil types and the health does not seem to be affected – this is regardless of whether you have soft soil or hard clay soil.

That being said, bamboos do need a lot of watering during the growing season, during other times they don’t do well in poorly drained soil. To stop water-logging from occurring you can add grit, gravel or other materials to the soil.

4. Location is Everything!

Bamboos can grow tall, as well as wide, and this must be taken into account when choosing where to place them so that they do not interfere with features you already have, such as paths or boundaries. If this is an issue it is best to install a barrier to stop the plant from spreading. This is especially true for running species (as well as clumping species if the space is small). One simple way to get around this is to create a few of root barriers. You can get these from the majority of garden centers or you can buy them online. Small pieces of material used for paving can also work well if you place them around the hole.

A further option is to create a trench (around 45cm) around the plant. You can prune off any rhizomes which are extending out as they enter the trench.

5. When Should The Planting Take Place

It is best to plant bamboos in Spring – this lets the plant have a long growing season to get settled. If you buy from a nursery you will find that the bambooos are very pot bound. At times, you may need to use a knife to remove the pot.

If this is the case you should soak the roots before you plant. You will then need to dig a hole one and a half times the depth, as well as twice the root size. For optimum results add drainage material, as well as organic fertilizer to the base. When you have planted the bamboo give it plenty of water, as well as manure or compost.

6. How To Maintain Your Bamboo Plant

This is pretty easy; in fact it is why they are such a popular choice. Keep watering your plant for the first two years, the more water you give it, the more it will grow. Avoid fertilizers which are seaweed based as bamboos cannot tolerate salt.

7. Routine Maintenance Plan For Your Bamboo

You only need a little effort to keep your bamboo plant thriving. Get rid of any dead canes, as well as damaged ones, during the spring, cut them to ground level using scissors.

You should also remove debris that might be at the base and reduce some of the canes at the bottom so that the bamboo looks tidy.

In addition, make sure dry areas get regular moisture but don’t saturate the plant, bamboos like conditions which are moist but also well-drained.

8. The Pruning Points

To promote growth that is healthy and strong you need to prune the bamboo plant regularly to get rid of damaged and weak culms. If you don’t know how to identify these you can look for culms with a dull color and cut them away. This will allow more air and light to reach the center of the plant which will then help it to thrive. Some pruning of the side branches will also stop congestion from occurring. If you want to go for a striking look you can cut away all branches at low levels.

9. Everyone Can Find A Bamboo Plant To Love

Everyone can find a bamboo plant that will suit their environment and their climate. Chimonobambusa, Bashania, Pseudosasa, or Sasaella are just a few of the choices, as well as Pseudosasa, and Indocalamus (which are great for low maintenance areas). Those are some big words … yes?

Giving time and effort to the choice of bamboo means you will opt for one which can thrive in your area. This is refereed by a term called ‘zones’, In Canada, you can find you plant hardiness zones here.

10. Cultivating In Containers

If you want to grow your bamboo plant inside or in a container you will need a pot that has a minimum diameter fo 45cm and the same depth. Add water retaining gel when you plant your bamboo, as well as a controlled release fertilizer when making up the compost.

In the summer your bamboo will need to be watered regularly and fed with a liquid feed. During the winter, cut back on the watering and don’t feed your plant so that it can dry out. If the weather is very cold you will need to place the bamboo in a frost free area or provide insulation for the container. To promote new growth you must separate the bamboo every few years. You can use a saw to cut through the root ball and then keep only the younger of the rhizomes and canes.

11. Bamboo Flowering

While a lot of myths say that bamboos die after they have flowered, this does not always happen. Flowering can cause brown foliage and feather blooms. However, these blooms can cause a weakening to the clump so it’s important to know a few tricks to aid the recovery.

These tips are outlined below:

– If you see an occasional flower, leave it be and keep watering and feeding the plant. When spring comes cut the clump to ground level and give a high-quality nitrogen fertilizer. This will encourage new green growth.

The Bottom Line ….

While it may seem like there is a lot to consider when planting bamboo most of the process is easy. For those who don’t have the time or care to mess with this, but would like to enjoy bamboos, there are some good resources to buy bamboo plants online.

If you put in a little effort you can enjoy a plant that is great for breaking up spaces and giving privacy.

If you have had great success with growing bamboos we would love to hear from you.

Do you get High when you Shop? – Know the Psychology behind it!

Do you get High when you Shop? – Know the Psychology behind it!

If there is one thing that women find irresistible, then it is shopping. While it is generally believed that women prefer hanging out with friends when they shop, they also look for some ‘me time’ when they shop and absolutely love their own company. The act of shopping is very closely related to psychology. So here are we are going to see the psychology of feeling good when you shop.


The Shopping Fever:

Women are pretty much synonymous with conspicuous consumption. Ladies, do not feel bad when you shop a lot. Just be yourself and blame it on the DNA. Women love shopping, and they simply can’t resist it.

Curious to find the reason behind this shopping fever that women possess perpetually, a lot of researchers have ventured into finding out the reason behind this behavior.One extensive study went on to find what women did in order to stop themselves from shopping unnecessarily.

Shopping Tips

Best Shopping Tips

Though there are a lot of products that people buy pointlessly, in most cases, it didn’t matter what they bought because it is just the act of buying that makes them happy. More than men it is women who are too much into retail therapy.

Oh did I say retail therapy? Yes, retail therapy is not fake. People felt strange about the concept of retail therapy. Though they knew shopping made them happy, they never knew it could act as a therapy.

Retail Therapy:

Retail therapy, a term that was used as a part of urban culture, has become a major study in the recent times. Sooner or later researchers will prove the reality behind retail therapy. No one knows how long this ecstasy will persist, but it is an undeniable fact that people feel good about themselves when they bought things that they liked.

This is the idea behind retail therapy. If you are feeling low or depressed, grab your wallet and set out to shop. Do not stop until you find something that you consider dear. It could be anything, but that doesn’t matter. When you get back home, you will magically feel better.

Why retail therapy works?

Though a large number of people find this point relatable, an equal amount of population still finds it unbelievable. They still find it silly. So here are some of the simple reasons behind why retail therapy works.
Scientific studies clearly reveal that shopping increases the secretion of chemicals called dopamine. This chemical component called the dopamine is pretty much essential for our mental and physical wellbeing.

It is the simple science that works behind true fulfillment. When you get something that you have been looking for a long time, when you buy your dream costume or when you feel great about a good bargain that was simply a steal, you can feel the rush inside. So if you have had a bad day, shopping will make you feel better.

Top 5 Online Shopping Sites Of 2017

Top 5 Online Shopping Sites Of 2017

No one walks into shopping malls these days. When we have something that is as easy as the online shopping technology, why would we even need a physical shop? There are a lot of e-commerce sites available in the market, so here we are listing the top 5 online shopping sites of 2017.

Doubtlessly Amazon rules the online buyer’s fraternity, and even before you could scroll down, you knew already the name that would obviously take the first place. Amazon has earned a lot of reputation and goodwill, especially in the last few years.


Amazon store tricks

They have been the rulers of the global market and own the lion’s share of customers who shop online on a regular basis. The makers of Amazon had different names in their heads before they named it Amazon. One such name was relentless. Just try and watch it for yourself.

eBay gives a tough competition for all online shopping sites and scores really well in the international forum. However, it manages to be the best only after Amazon. That is not bad though, and it has managed to keep all other online sites out of sight. eBay makes a revenue of U.S $ 8.9 Billion and manages to stay as the ninth largest brand in terms of online business.

The cutest thing about being a part of is that you can adopt pets online. Feeling like owning a pup, log on to

This online website came into existence 18 years ago, and it has managed to break quite a few records in the recent times. In November 2017 it has managed a 2 million sales on a single day breaking all previous records, that most online sites had.


Alibaba ShopTricks

It is the first Chinese based Asian online company to have a global reach that it’s as wide as this. Despite staying in a market where there is neck to neck competition Alibaba has still managed to have its own true market base in the international forum

Etsy is an online store that sells handmade and vintage products for low prices along with best offers. It makes a yearly revenue of 195.6 Million US dollars. The online platform was launched in the year 2005, about 12 years ago.

The idea behind Etsy was quite new when compared to other online shopping sites. The vintage products on Etsy are at least 20 years old. Unlike the other commercial sites that require a separate account to gain access, Etsy lets you use the site to order products without having a separate account. You can get into Esty using your Google or Facebook account as well. is not the actual name of the website. The name of the online store is Market America, and their domain is This multi-level marketing company was founded in the year 1992. The that it uses was purchased from Bill Gates. Just like the other online platforms, it has all products ranging from automobiles to healthcare products. The gross annual revenue of the site is about 284.4 Million US Dollars.