No one walks into shopping malls these days. When we have something that is as easy as the online shopping technology, why would we even need a physical shop? There are a lot of e-commerce sites available in the market, so here we are listing the top 5 online shopping sites of 2017.

Doubtlessly Amazon rules the online buyer’s fraternity, and even before you could scroll down, you knew already the name that would obviously take the first place. Amazon has earned a lot of reputation and goodwill, especially in the last few years.


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They have been the rulers of the global market and own the lion’s share of customers who shop online on a regular basis. The makers of Amazon had different names in their heads before they named it Amazon. One such name was relentless. Just try and watch it for yourself.

eBay gives a tough competition for all online shopping sites and scores really well in the international forum. However, it manages to be the best only after Amazon. That is not bad though, and it has managed to keep all other online sites out of sight. eBay makes a revenue of U.S $ 8.9 Billion and manages to stay as the ninth largest brand in terms of online business.

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This online website came into existence 18 years ago, and it has managed to break quite a few records in the recent times. In November 2017 it has managed a 2 million sales on a single day breaking all previous records, that most online sites had.


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It is the first Chinese based Asian online company to have a global reach that it’s as wide as this. Despite staying in a market where there is neck to neck competition Alibaba has still managed to have its own true market base in the international forum

Etsy is an online store that sells handmade and vintage products for low prices along with best offers. It makes a yearly revenue of 195.6 Million US dollars. The online platform was launched in the year 2005, about 12 years ago.

The idea behind Etsy was quite new when compared to other online shopping sites. The vintage products on Etsy are at least 20 years old. Unlike the other commercial sites that require a separate account to gain access, Etsy lets you use the site to order products without having a separate account. You can get into Esty using your Google or Facebook account as well. is not the actual name of the website. The name of the online store is Market America, and their domain is This multi-level marketing company was founded in the year 1992. The that it uses was purchased from Bill Gates. Just like the other online platforms, it has all products ranging from automobiles to healthcare products. The gross annual revenue of the site is about 284.4 Million US Dollars.