Let Them Know That You Really Care

If you can learn how to buy flowers for women, it will help to ensure that they hold you in high regard and let them know that you really care. So, whether the woman is your daughter, mother, girlfriend, wife, or someone you want to know better, if you know how to purchase flowers for women it can help you match every occasion with a bouquet or floral arrangement that is sure to impress!


Tip 1: Know the Best Time to Send Flowers

Don’t forget to send flowers on traditional holidays like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. Of course, you could just give a card or buy a more expensive gift, however, flowers are appropriate for any holiday.

Don’t wait until the very last minute to purchase high volumes of flowers on days whenever everybody else is buying them. If you do you will discover that the quality of the flowers might be reduced, only a limited selection will likely be available and the cost will be through the roof!

You can easily mark all important life events like celebrating a new job, a graduation, birth of a child, anniversaries, and birthdays with floral gifts.

When a colleague helps you on a project, say thank you with flowers. Make sure that the flowers that you send to co-workers and friends do not convey any romantic messages. Keep them friendly and cheerful. For example, instead of red roses, send a nice bouquet of daisies.

Flowers can help you say things you might find hard to put into words and help to smooth things over if that’s what needed. They also can help make it easier to have a reconciliation. However, don’t think that sending flowers will mean she will automatically forgive you!

Tip 2: Select the Right Flowers

 For romance, buy roses. Roses, and in particular red roses, represent romance and passion.

If giving your woman red roses has turned into an expected tradition for your relationship, then you may want to occasionally change things up by giving a different color of rose, like coral or orange, or mix a different flower into your bouquet. Think about mixing in asters or tulips with roses. For more ideas, consult with a florist. 

Learn what are represented by different colors to make sure that you are sending the proper message.

Purple represents love at first sight, while orange symbolizes desire, and yellow conveys friendship. Pink blossoms show admiration and gratitude and are an excellent choice to send your favorite aunt or your mother.

If you are not sure what you would like to say, then give a mixed color floral bouquet. The feeling that is expressed is still subtle and mixed colors are also cheerful and bright. 

Instead of giving cut flowers consider a potted plant instead. Some women like plants better since they last a lot longer and offer a constant reminder of the occasion or relationship. Blooming varieties, like orchids, will last a very long time and will remind her that she is special each time she looks over at the plant that you have given her.

Tip 3: Decide Where to Purchase Flowers


For the best selection and broader choices of the highest quality flowers, visit a florist shop. A trained professional can help you make an informed decision. 

Flowers are delivered by florists as well. Receiving a nice delivery of flowers makes it more of an occasion, especially when received in a public setting like her office. She will enjoy all the excitement that comes with a flower delivery for both her and her co-workers and being able to smell the flowers also. 

Grab a plant or bouquet from a sidewalk shop or local grocery store. Hotel or hospital gift shops offer flowers as well.

These are very convenient places, but the quality of their flowers might be compromised.

The flowers are often past their prime and won’t last as long.

Some grocery stores have a great quality of flowers when they have an ongoing agreement with a supplier. Those flowers will be less expensive to buy than the ones from a florist. Of course, you will need to deliver the flowers yourself.

Purchase flowers online. Numerous florists have websites that make it easy to order flowers from home. Most have a wide range of choices for all occasions. However, be aware that sometimes substitutions are made when you order is being filled and the results might not match what you saw in the picture. Make sure to only order from a reputable business.

Tip 4: Personalize Your Gift  

Give or send flowers at unexpected times. Whether you get a gift of flowers for no reason or to make a special occasion they are both appreciated. That shows that you are thoughtful and generous, and she is very special.

Reflect who she truly is by the type of flowers that you choose. Select flowers that are her favorite color. Send her favorite kind of flower; maybe she likes daisies instead of roses. Or evoke a special memory by giving a gift: a vase full of baby rosebuds that reminds her of when she was a child, with her mother caring for a rose garden.

Consult with your florist regarding her personality.

For example, the flowers that you select for a sophisticated woman who lives in the city may be different from those you choose for a woman who loves to hike and camp.

Write something special to her on the card. Your card will last a lot longer than the flowers will but always will remind her of your special gift. 

For an added touch if you are delivering the flowers yourself, you might consider wearing the same colors as the flowers you are giving.


Tip 5: Know When You Should Not Send Flowers

Realize that you cannot save your relationship by just sending flowers. You might seem desperate. Don’t send flowers just to impress someone. It might seem like a meaningless gesture.

And finally … Be sure that the woman you are sending flowers to isn’t allergic to them!!