Shopping Insider Secrets …

The purpose of a shop is to earn profits and while there’s nothing wrong with that, it is our job to keep money in our pockets. To help redress the balance, here are some things that shops don’t want you knowing – many are actually insider secrets divulged by those that work in shops.

Whether it is hidden codes on price tags that reveal whether items will shortly be on sale, abandoning shopping carts to receive discounts, or even using online help chats for haggling, ways to save are often hidden.

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Decipher hidden discount codes on price tags at Next and more …

Store tags can be a hidden treasure trove of information. When preparing for sales, shop staff usually scribble letters, numbers, or even dots on price tags. If you spot such mysterious markings on a full-price item you wish to purchase, you should consider holding off since they usually mean that the price is about to be reduced.

You will often find this system being used widely at next, but Money Savers and retail insiders say that others also do the same. Here are a few things to look for and how to make sense of the notes of shop workers and get a head-start prior to the start of the sales.

How to decode them …

B14, S13, OB9, P7, and G4 are some of the typical Next codes. Ignore the letters that seem to relate to where sale items are to be found in the store and you are left with a number, which is generally the price the item is going down to. So, while you cannot guarantee a bargain by inspecting the tags since items can easily sell out while waiting for the sale to start officially, you can pay half as much if you wait a few days.

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Abandon online shopping carts to tease stores into giving you a discount code …

Fail to finish your order online and stores will usually send you discount codes to tempt you back. Here is how you can try it.

Step 1. Sign up for an account or sign in to your already existing account. Otherwise, the store cannot tell who you are.

Step 2. Add an item to your shopping cart. Higher value items usually work better for a larger discount. However, there is always the risk of the store sending you a $25 off $100 code when you are only ready to spend $50.

Step 3. Leave the store. Close the window and then get on with other things.

Step 4. Check your email. You might find an offer or code that lands in your inbox the next day or so. However, there are never any guarantees of this happening.

Step 5. Log back in and use the code provided. However, don’t forget to check the cart first. Ensure that you remove all unwanted items before you check out.

Find the best day to get deals …

If you have found something that you wish to buy online but are unable to find a discount code, worry not. Try waiting until Tuesday or Wednesday and then check the Discount Vouchers page once more. The deals team has crunched over 50 vouchers’ terms to find the most common day deals start. Wednesday was the most popular day with 13 deals launched, followed closely by Tuesday at 12 deals. In fact, 50 percent of them started working on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Monday was the third most popular day.

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Returning Goods? Shops often override the need for producing the receipt …

First up, it is worth noting that if you purchase faulty items, you are only required to prove that you bought them to get your refund. The evidence could be in the form a receipt, but other legitimate records such as a bank statement can be used too. Otherwise, if you have no legal right but are using the store’s returns policy, you will be required to produce the receipt. However, if you lose yours, you shouldn’t despair since an insider says that shop staff usually have the discretion and ability to override the need for a receipt. So, bring your credit card statement instead, give one of your best smiles and you just might get lucky.