Color Guide To Roses

Different Colors of Roses

Different Colors of Roses

Red roses come in many varieties, from the large flowered ‘Madame Delbard’to the true red of ‘First Red’.
Yellow Roses – symbolic of joy and friendship.

Many shades of yellow roses are available from the large-blossomed ‘Aalsmeer Gold’to lighter shades of pale yellow and also garden type spray roses.

White Roses – symbolic of innocence, purity, and secrecy.White roses are a pure and elegant symbol of caring. Popular varieties include ‘Eskimo’ – true white, ‘Tineke’ and ‘Bridal White’.

Dark Pink Roses – symbolic of symbolic of thankfulness. Choose from several shades of dark pink roses, from hot pink to a very dark mauve-pink.

Pale Pink Roses – symbolic of grace and joy.


Soft pink roses are very appropriate for new babies and weddings, many varieties have variations in the petals ranging from creaming white with hints of pink to the favorite ‘Bridal Pink’.

Pale Peach Roses – symbolic of modesty.

Soft peach hues are a delightful color gaining in popularity. The fragrant ‘Osiana’, the palest ‘Champagne’ and into the garden type spray roses.

Coral Roses – symbolic of desire.

These peach colored roses have several popular varieties including ‘Sonia’, and many bi-colored roses.
Orange Roses – symbolic of fascination.

Roses in brilliant orange are very eye-catching. Varieties range from a shocking orange to apricot hued ‘Pareo’.